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OVA Return to Play Protocols Step 3

By Admin, 07/16/21, 8:30PM EDT


Ontario enters Step 3 of Reopening Roadmap - New OVA Return to Play Protocols available

By Ontario Volleyball, 07/16/21, 4:00PM EDT




The Government of Ontario entered Step 3 of the Roadmap to Reopening Plan on Friday, July 16 at 12:01 a.m.  

The transition to Step 3 means a further lifting of restrictions across multiple industries, including sport and recreation. The biggest change when moving into Step 3 is that indoor volleyball is now permitted. 

In accordance with the Government regulations, the following can now occur:   

  • Indoor volleyball training, league play and competitions are permitted. Incidental physical contact is permitted between athletes only during active play. Deliberate physical contact must be avoided (i.e., no high fives, back slaps, etc.). 
  • Outdoor volleyball training, competitions (tournaments) and league play continue to be permitted. Incidental physical contact is permitted between athletes only during active play. Deliberate physical contact must be avoided (i.e., no high fives, back slaps, etc.). 
  • Physical distancing of 2m is required for all individuals with the exception for athletes who may breach physical distancing during team sport play.  
  • The total number of members of the public permitted to be at the facility are as follows (Please confirm with your venue/facility on maximum numbers): 
    • Indoor - 50% capacity of the venue/facility.  
    • Outdoor - 75% capacity of the venue/facility.  
    • Capacity limits must be posted at the facility/venue by the facility/venue or permit holder. 
    • No specified limit in the regulations on number of people participating in a sport league. 
  • Event venue set up: Specific requirements for tents/awnings are in place which states they must have at least two full sides open to the outdoors and are not blocked by any walls or barriers. Rented space must also be configured so that if tables are set up, patrons from different households are seated at different tables that are 2m apart.  

For a snapshot of what is permitted in Step 3, please view the updated OVA Return to Play Reference Guide.  

OVA Reference Guide

Update on Mask Usage 

For outdoor volleyball, masks continue to be required and always worn by all individuals/participants, except by athletes while on court during training and competition. Athletes must wear a mask when they are not active on the court.  Individuals attending the training, league or event are permitted to remove a mask or face covering temporarily to consume food or drink, or as may be necessary for the purposes of health and safety and if 2m of physical distancing is maintained. 

For indoor volleyball, masks are to be always worn by all individuals/participants. The exception applies to athletes who are highly recommended to wear masks during on-court activity; however, they are not required to. 

Step 3 Return to Play Protocols  

The OVA has released the Step 3 Return to Play Protocols (RTP). This document reflects the modifications to volleyball as per the Government regulations which now includes regulations for indoor volleyball.   

The safety plan introduced in Step 2 is still required. It must be created to accommodate the current regulations in Step 3 for each event (training or competition) and for each facility that the club or event organizer uses.  

Step 3 Return to Play Protocols

OVA Town Hall this Monday 

The OVA is hosting a Town Hall on Tuesday, July 20 to discuss the Step 3 Protocols with the OVA community. 

To register for this session, please click on the button below. 

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